In today's social sharing and social networking, we are both customers and sellers at the same time.

Fthinoprasia offers this opportunity in the innovative Shop-in-shop way which is an easy and lucrative solution for both the businessman and anyone who wants to experience the opportunity of e-commerce on the Internet.

The advantages of our solution are:

- Minimum start time for your own e-shop, once you've decided. You do not have to deal with technical issues that cost you time and money as we have taken care of everything for you.

-Integration of your store's products to the main directory of Fthinoprasia, but also a separate link to your own store.

-A simplified and easy-to-use way of registering your products, as well as tracking the entire order  process in an automated way.

-You do not need to communicate with centralized management for routine tasks unless you need help and support from our dedicated staff. Manage your store autonomously, focusing on what is useful and necessary, free from worries and time-consuming maintenance, server and software management processes.

-Your store and your products are advertised and included in all the main promotional moves of Fthinoprasia on no extra charge.

-Your customers enjoy  Fthinoprasia's customer loyalty system entirely on our expenses.

-You'll start using  Fthinoprasia's Platform immediately chosing one of our plans:
1. Monthly €30 subscription
2. One-time fee of €30 and 15% commission on your sales.

-You use all existing and future ways of payment and shipping of your merchandise that we integrate into our platform.

-You benefit from the know-how of our experienced staff on any issue or question you may have regarding your shop's operation.

-Your store is covered in terms of terms of payment, delivery and  personal data protection (GDPR) by the platform's corresponding terms.

-You can temporarily or permanently close your shop at the touch of a button.

If you want a simple, direct and guaranteed effective way to explore the world of e-commerce, we are waiting for you to start this journey together.

All you need to do is CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you do not already have one and make sure option "Register me as a seller" is selected in order to activate your new store at the push of a button.

The as above erased feature is dismissed, instead please send us an email message at and we will respond ASAP with further info.

At your disposal for any additional information,


The team